Attend a Conference

In a world full of competition and learning, one must not miss a single chance of grabbing all the knowledge coming one’s way. Here are reasons why attending a conference is beneficial

Author Ethics to Publish in a Conference:

  • The authors should provide an accurate data of their original research and not involve any fraudulent data.
  • They must present the raw data of their paper as and when asked by the publisher.
  • Their work should be original and free of plagiarism.
  • They should not submit their paper to multiple publishers for publication, and stick to a single publisher.
  • The author must have contributed in any notable work earlier to have a recognition in publication of a journal. In case of multiple authors, they must have agreed to the terms and conditions before publishing a journal.
  • If there is use of any hazards, animals, or human subjects, the author must describe in detail about the procedures, relevant laws, and ethics of WMA respectively.
  • They should cite all the sources that has influenced their paper, and mention the sponsors and relations, if any.
  • If the author comes across any inaccuracy or error in his paper, he should bring it to immediate notice of the publisher or editor for rectification.