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Fee Structure for Journal Publication
Journal Indexing and Abstracting Asia/Australia/Africa Europe/North & South America
SCOPUS indexed journals 500 USD 600 USD
ISI, Web of Science indexed journals 900 USD 1000 USD
SCIE indexed journals 1900 USD 2100 USD

Publication Ethics

Ethics to be followed by the Publisher:

  • The publisher should support the efforts that the team of editors as well as reviewers put, to maintain the scholarly records.
  • The publisher ensures that editors remain uninfluenced by any kind of revenue such commercial or advertisement.
  • The publisher allows collaboration of editors by offering membership of COPE and providing Crossref Similarity Check for submissions.
  • The editors are provided with technical support and legal counselling if required, by the publisher.
  • The publisher also provides a set of instructions and guides the editors regarding the ethics of publication.

Ethics to be followed by the Editors:

  • Under the guidance of the Journal Board, the editorial team decides whether a particular journal should be published or not.
  • The editors should select reviewers and make sure that there is an unbiased and proper review done.
  • The editors should select a manuscript that is of intellectual recognition, devoid of race, caste, religion gender, citizenship, etc.
  • The editor should not increase the metric of the journal to place the journal at a higher rank.
  • The editors should maintain confidentiality by not disclosing the manuscript in front of anyone except the required people.
  • The editors should give prior declaration of any conflict that arises in between them.
  • 7. If any misconduct arises, the editor together with the publisher work for the integrity of the published journal.

Ethics to be followed by the Reviewers:

  • The reviewers must assist in improving the quality of the manuscript if any revision remains pending, and also in editorial decisions.
  • They should maintain confidentiality by not discussing the reviews with anyone including the author without the permission of the editor.
  • The reviewer, if comes across any ethical issues, must inform the editorial team immediately.
  • They should not criticize the author and review the paper on any personal bias, rather express their reviews with clear and supportive arguments.

Ethics to be followed by the Authors:

  • The authors should produce an accurate data of their original research without mentioning any fraudulent data.
  • They must provide the raw data of their paper as and when asked by the publisher.
  • Their work should be original and free of plagiarism.
  • They should not submit their journal to multiple publishers for publication, and stick to a single publisher.
  • Any information taken from any confidential source, must not be disclosed without the permission of author whose work has been involved.
  • The author must have contributed in any notable work earlier to have a recognition in publication of a journal. In case of multiple authors, they must have agreed to the terms and conditions before publishing a journal.
  • In case of use of any hazards, animals, or human subjects, the author must describe in detail about the procedures, relevant laws, and ethics of WMA respectively.
  • They should cite all the sources that has influenced their journal, and mention the sponsors and relations, if any.
  • If the author comes across any inaccuracy or error in his paper, he should bring it to immediate notice of the publisher or editor for rectification.
  • The author should avoid data invention, manipulation of data and results, and changing the meaning of data by using unnecessary images.