Publish with AIE conferences

  • AIE publishes conference abstract proceedings with ISBN number those are recognized worldwide and indexed in Google scholar.
  • You can check the upcoming conferences here. AIE international conference will provide you conference abstract proceeding and also conference full paper proceedings based on your requirements. Conference abstract proceedings will be available online and hard copy will be provided to the participants at the venue.
  • Conference full paper proceedings will be available to you with an extra payment of 50 USD apart from conference registration charges. To get the conference full paper proceedings you need to write a mail to us in advance after completing your registration.

Publication in a journal

AIE provides open access multidisciplinary journal publication. Scope of publishing with AIE includes all fields’ of science and technology and related areas of management, business, social sciences, humanities, chemistry and environment.

Benefits of publishing with AIE

  • Optimized visibility and exposure of work
  • Fast publication
  • SCOPUS indexed journal publication
  • SCIE indexed journal publication
  • Elsevier indexed journal publication
  • Publication in ISI, Web of science indexed journal
  • Publishing with AIE ensures professional development
  • Research papers editing and formatting service
  • 100% plagiarism free content provider
  • Online writing services
  • Get peer review report
Fee Structure for Journal Publication
Journal Indexing and Abstracting Asia/Australia/Africa Europe/North & South America
SCOPUS indexed journals 500 USD 600 USD
ISI, Web of Science indexed journals 900 USD 1000 USD
SCIE indexed journals 1900 USD 2100 USD