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Publishing Ethics

Ethics to be followed by the Editors:

  • The editorial team must take a decision of which book should be published.
  • The selection of manuscript should be done based on its intellectual level, and not on the basis of citizenship, caste, religion, etc.
  • The editors should maintain confidentiality by not disclosing the manuscript in front of anyone.
  • The editors should not use the manuscript elsewhere without consulting the author.

Ethics to be followed by the Reviewers:

  • The reviewers must contribute in improving the quality of the manuscript if any revision remains pending.
  • They must be prompt in completing the review within the given time, if not may ask for extension beforehand.
  • They should maintain confidentiality by not discussing the manuscript with anyone.
  • They should not criticize the author, rather express their reviews with clear and supportive arguments.
  • They should place a recognition of the manuscript that the author has not cited.
  • If a reviewer finds any difficulty in reviewing a particular interest, he must bring it to notice to any person of the similar ground without creating any conflict.

Ethics to be followed the Authors:

  • The authors should provide relevant account of the manuscript submitted.
  • They must provide the raw data of their manuscript as and when asked by the publisher.
  • Their work should be original and free of plagiarism.
  • They should not submit their manuscript to multiple publishers for publication, and stick to a single publisher.
  • They should cite all the sources that has influenced their manuscript, properly.